Method and plant for the treatment of combustion exhaust gas


    The invention presents a method for the treatment of combustion exhaust gas / waste gas comprising carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. In the process that the product gas is obtained after the purification. This product gas can supplied for combustion again or to a natural gas network.  At the first step of this process, which a mixture of at least carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide is removed. Those gases is a first product and the second step of this process is conversion the carbon monoxide to pure Hydrogen in the water shift reaction unit (WGS) . The third step of this process is converted carbon dioxide after capture and purification unit of this gas to bur methane, which is the reaction between pure hydrogen and carbon dioxide to higher level of purity and product of Bio methane.


    The invention relates to a method for treating combustion exhaust gas / waste gas containing carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, as well as a corresponding plant.

    The combustion can take place in power plants and industrial plants (steel, glass, cement, gypsum or paper production, refineries, and others) through the combustion of fuels (such as coal, coke, natural gas), but also include other industrial combustion gases, where the combustion for direct heat generation is used. A goal of treatment is to convert the combustion exhaust gas in a so-called feed gas and for various processes of energy production.


    For simplicity in the following instead carbon monoxide is the common term carbon monoxide (CO briefly), and instead of carbon dioxide the usual term carbon dioxide (CO2 short) is used. Combustion exhaust gas typically includes carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen.