Our service in oil and gas is associated with on our experience over 30 year and also with research and development ideas and projects that more likely to succeed commercially with the right experience and resources behind it.

     Our services on oil and gas filed are begin from the phases of feed study, process design, detail design plant engineering, start-up, development project to turnkey project. The clients will be received from our experience team the two packages, the first is our view of plant or unit progress in 5 years and the second package is study of energy / Gas in plant optimization and treatment.

     Our experience in detail design, simulation software, and technical competence, earned from a long, proven track record, with development of new ideas that focus testing and reduce development obstacles. In addition, we have been working with universities, research institutes and Austria Research promotion Agency that the clients have the best solutions and resources at plant.

     Our service in Oil and Gas is covered from upstream projects to downstream projects. From our cooperation company which is with over 200 projects going on in different area and clients, we handle with project from case study, detail engineering and economic study as first services provide to clients, furthermore at the parallel time we support the client from procurement equipment and fittings, construction plant to project manager.


Flare gas to power:

     The Etwom company has the technology required for these processes which greatly increase the optimization of flare gas recovery and energy efficiency and help reduce your environmental footprint. This technology is provided the best solution of recovery flare gas to power or /and methane gas and its Etwom company works on this technology with research and development institute and technical university of technology in Vienna.

     It provides you with project/site-specific benefits and a return on investment calculation based on the unique circumstances of your operations.


Black powder removal technology:

    Black powder created from natural gas is a universal problem in sales gas transmission pipelines. These black powder compounds can delay in-line inspection, erode control valves, and at the whole gas compressor station. Etwom company has developed multiple initiatives to identify the black powder compound types, determine formation causes and identify removal processes.

     The Etwom company is provided new technology to remove black powder that we are applied different technologies to remove the small particle of black powder and to finding the reason to create this powder inside the pipeline.