Develop business strategy for companies and engineering departments to raise efficiency with experienced leading and growing all sectors of a business to make it a dynamic and progressive organisation.


Managing Director / Business Development Manager / Senior Lead Engineer / Inventor


     Strong leadership skills in board governance, new business development with comprehensive understanding of technical and financial management principles. Entrepreneurial with commercial and technical acumen and excellent management skills with a motivated team player who is results driven that lead to results-oriented with a positive outlook and a clear focus on high quality and business profit.

PATENT: Patent Nr. 516273 _ EU _ Austria: Method and plant for the treatment of combustion exhaust gas


     Performance-driven Professional with over 28 years of experience in international companies as a Manager Director of engineering, senior lead engineer of process engineer and Business development management in the Oil &Gas and energy industries with focusing on innovation of future technology and ideas especially on Biomass and Gas of industrial sites for treatment and optimization:

  • Establish technical business case as a solution provider for development of new solutions with input from Business Development and Sales.
  • Created brand new revenue streams by expanding on accessories for main product lines.
  • Develop and execute go-to-market plans based on seasonal planning approach together with stakeholder (Project Management, Business Development and Sales)
  • Directed project management of complex key projects
  • Researched, negotiated and developed multinational companies relationships.
  • Defined and developed new sustainability – green technologies process like waste to power, power to gas to power, gas to liquid and gas to solid.
  • Trained, managed, and led new sustainability – green technologies process teams.
  • Organized and participated in all periodic meetings in collaboration with staff.
  • Researched and estimated different construction methods for construction projects.
  • Technical manager with experiences of Oil & Gas Upstream facilities: 3- Phase Separation Technologies, Hydro cyclone Separation Technology, Gas Compression Stations, APG gas conversion to power and CO2 capture.


  • Oil & Gas Downstream projects: Petrochemical Refineries, LNG Process Plants
  • Future technologies Projects, bio hydrogen, bio methane, bio wax, waste to power, power storage etc.


  • Black powder separation Technology with Kuwait oil company step 2 preparing for the meeting with R&D department and for tender of Black powder with KOC Company.
  • Feed engineering study: Report of water treatment power plant in Saudi Arabia SWCC Company of technical solutions plant like Optimization, Modification, Simulation, re – Engineering und Documentation.
  • CO2 extraction plant – high level cost estimation support _ OMV.
  • Al Rusail power plant (Client) in Oman: Feed Study on critical plant equipment, Life Time Extension requirements if any along with associated costs, GT 1-6 conversion to DLN- costs and options.
  • Research and development project of „FT to chemicals – Upgrading FT Products for Industry, Guessing, Austria.
  • Natural gas inlet silencer _ simulation control and engineering consulting; OMV .
  • Re-engineering _ Feed engineering and replace of valves _SHUWAIKH Power Station_ EPC offer, Kuwait.
  • Cooling system optimization study Offer _ SHUWAIKH Power Station_ Kuwait.
  • Black powder removal by filtration, Unit: black powder sampling and Lab analysis with automatic isokinetic sampling device, Kuwait _ (Kuwait oil company _KOC).
  • Austrian Patent: “waste to feed gas 1” patent Nr. 516273
  • Lower value of CO2 capture with Membrane Technology; Re-engineering _ Feed engineering OMV und TU Vienna.
  • Research and development project of Wind to diesel Guessing, Austria.
  • Research and development project of barrel/day FT project.
  • Charcoal gasification fabric, Sokolouska plant; “Lower value steam recovery“offer.
  • UGS, Stramberk “Natural gas, drying & cleaning unit “process update und redesign absorber.
  • CCU (CO2 capture process design): PFD, line sizing, equipment design, PID, process description.
  • Steam & Hot water accumulator power plant Kuwait: thermodynamic simulation /evaluation.
  • CO2 capture technology feed study & design for Spiegelmayer Technology GmbH with Somadir / Casablanca project.
  • Feed engineering, detail engineering, procurement & construction (EPC) Project of four Gate valve special size for heavy oil tank for power plant, Kuwait.
  • Process engineering study and consulting Optimization for natural gas sweetening UGS Stramberk.
  • Research and development FT, 1 Barrel/ day:  gas to liquid & gas to solid Bioenergy 2020 project with technical university of Vienna.
  • Flue gas Heat recovery technology unit for Ammonia, update process, PIC petrochemical in Kuwait.
  • Wind2diesel _ gas to liquid; research and development project with Institute Guessing Energy Technologies.
  • GDF – desulfurization natural gas of petroleum gas, Mesekenhagen.
  • Flue gas heat recovery unit of Ammonia, refinery in Kuwait, update for second offer.
  • CO2 capture process, concept design, process design, detail design.
  • CHP plant power plant and heat recovery optimization in the Zapad, JKP Novosadska.
  • Rigips Austria, plant Puchberg:  flue gas heat recovery unit and Boiler burner combustion unit optimization.
  • Stölzle Glass Group plant, flue gas heat recovery unit.
  • Gasification process for coal gasification, gas cleaning and economic study _ Mongolia.
  • Georg Fischer Automobilguss plant, flue gas heat recovery unit.
  • Power to gas case study and Research and development project.
  • Project assistant: Vienna University of Technology _BIO – H2 the power plant Güssing (Austria)
  • License Engineering Consulting and Business Excellent grade European Union of process engineering for   Austria and European countries
  • Project engineer LSMW GmbH in Vienna: ALAPIS Pharmacy Project and SPESIFAR Pharmacy Project
  • Project manager of Technology Chemistry Company designs a society of chemical for design and consultation on chemical Technical projects.
  • Process engineering in Ministry of Industry and Minerals Instate Company for industrial design and Consultation (Baghdad, Iraq): EPCM projects: Design, Maintenance, Operation and Construction:
    • Lubrication Oil Purification Project in refinery AL- Doura _ Baghdad _Iraq
    • Phosphate salts project.
    • Hexane Production Unit.
    • P-Xylene (Xylene) production Unit
    • Ethyl Alcohols – Production Factory 96 percentage (medically uses).
  • Process engineering Overseas BECHTEL America Incorporated EPCM project (Engineers – constructors) Petrochemical project (PC2) phase 2 (in Iraq)
  • (BI WATER) English Resin Company: Design, construction and operation, Resins Projects.


  • 05.2019     Oleofuels 2019 in Venice, Italy
  • 03.2019     5th Iraqi-German Business Forum in Berlin
  • 01.2019     Workshop: Economically optimized control and operating behaviour complex energy associations of future city districts _ Graz _ Austria
  • 11.2018     ADIPEC: Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference
  • 11.2018     Workshop: MOL GROUP of operation management and technical solutions _ Hungary
  • 05.2018     Electrify Europe Exhibition and Conference _ Vienna, Austria
  • 01.2018     OMV. The 11th Annual European Gas Conference _ Vienna, Austria
  • 11.2017     ADIPEC: Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference
  • 07.2017     Austrian Federal Economic Chamber Forum Iraq _ Vienna, Austria
  • 04.2017     The Global Engineering Procurement & Construction Project Management Summit _ Amsterdam
  • 03.2017     The 13th International SOGAT conference_ Abu Dhabi
  • 02.2017     Biomass technology Güssing 17 conference _ Güssing, Austria
  • 09.2016     DGMK-Conference: Catalysis – Novel Aspects in Petro chemistry and refining _ Berlin
  • 04.2016     International Pipeline Coating IPCC conference pipeline coating and black powder _ Dubai
  • 03.2016     ACI Gasification 2016 conference _ Rotterdam
  • 10.2015     DGMK-Conference Synthesis Gas Chemistry _ Dresden
  • 04.2015     International Pipeline Coating IPCC conference pipeline coating and black powder _ Dubai
  • 10.2014     CO2 capture and utilization conference _ Bremen
  • 11.2013     ACI Gasification 2013 conference _ London
  • 05.2013     Pinch –Analysis Software 2 weeks; University of Luzern _ Luzern, Switzerland
  • 03.2013     Power to Gas Conference; Ragardz WTC _ Arnhem _ Holland
  • 2005 – 2006     Praktikum in „Thermodynamische Prozesse Simulationen” _ TU Vienna


  • 2019

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         Fischer-Tropsch products from biomass-derived syngas and renewable hydrogen. Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery
  • 2018

    1. Rauch, N. Ataimisch:
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    1. Rauch, N. Ataimisch:
    C-II- 3: Barrel / day Fischer Tropsch:  1 barrel/day, Country Report Austria, IEA Bioenergy Task 33 Meeting.  Applied Innsbruck, Austria, 02 May.
  • 2017

    1. Ataimisch:
     Güssing 17 conference, Speaker, Bilfinger Bohr- und Rohrtechnik.: Waste gas to Feed gas 1 (Verfahren zur Behandlung von Verbrennungsabgas)
  • 2016

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    Modellierung und dynamische Simulation von Ruths‐Dampfspeichern: doi / abs /10.1002/ cite .201650215
  • 2016

    1. Ataimisch:

     Method and plant for the treatment of combustion exhaust gas; Patent Nr. 516273 _ EU _ Austria;
  • 2007

    1. Wukovits, A. Friedl, N. Ataimisch:
    Modelling and simulation of technical processes for hydrogen production. Chemie Ingenieur Technik, Vienna University of Technology


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  • Liquid biofuels from biomass steam gasification
  • Production of high purity hydrogen from biomass-derived synthesis gas using dual fluidised bed gasification technology
  • Performance of a Water Gas Shift Unit Processing Product Gas from Biomass Steam Gasification



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